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1. EIB notes:

2. 184 budget explained

3. List of 184 walkabout dates & times for 2013/14 

4. Walkabout officer contact details



1. EIB notes:

SEE THE “EIB/GRANTS” PAGE for full info about the Environmental Improvement Budget

This year you are advised to let  your ETRA and Estate Manager know what projects you have in mind asap.

(DW. Sec.)


email address for all EIB enquiries:

email address for all 184 enquiries:


2. “184 budget” explained

The 184 budget is resident directed spending on communal repairs, alterations and additions on all Hackney Homes estates.
I think I am correct in saying that usually 1% of the total repairs budget for each year is set aside for the residents to direct. This translates to between £1.2mill and £1.4mill for all 5 neighbourhood.

It is a small percentage of the total repairs budget. Which communal repairs and/or alterations are done is decided on “walkabouts” with residents and officials.

For those estates with TRAs, usually those members attend their own estate walkabouts. For those estates in the Clapton Panel neighbourhood area without TRAs, members of the Clapton Panel volunteer to go in their place, however, we welcome interested residents to attend walkabouts on their own estates


Works Programmes will only be implemented following Panel approval – the only exception to this approval process would be if officers deemed works as essential or if Panels delay approval impacting on budget spends.

Following Panel approval, the works programme must be checked for any works that require notification to leaseholders.

Identified works that are beyond the scope of the current budget will be rolled forward to become the first call on the following year allocation or, where appropriate, to put into planned maintenance programmes.

Check with your TRA, Johanna Evans or the panel to find out what, if any new work has been planned  – contact details below the lists. Any new 184 works planned should be listed in your notice boards by October as well.


The Hackney Homes 184 Walkabout page:


3. List of Clapton 184 walkabout dates and times for 2013/14

184 walkabout list 2013




4. Walkabout officers contact details

If you have any queries
or would like to find out if the 184 walkabout on your estate
has resulted in some work or improvement being ordered, contact your TRA, the panel or Johanna Evans.

Johanna Evans
(Resident Liaison Officer)
Ph: 020 8356 3960
Fax: 020 8356 2267


or you can contact

us here at the residents Panel:
we’ll see if we can help.


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