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The North East Leasehold Association

is now wound up.



From Hackney Homes:

Do you want to discuss your service charges?

Many of you will have received your annual service charge statements by now. Why not book an appointment to discuss this with a specialist leasehold officer who can answer your questions and clarify any issues that you may have? There will be appointments throughout the day.

Simply call 020 8356 2298 or email and indicate your preferred time, we will try our best to match this and will contact you to confirm this booking*.




The Forum is run by a group of volunteers: home owners in Hackney just
like you.  We are not part of Hackney Homes Ltd!

Rather we try our
best to represent your needs to Hackney Homes Ltd, Hackney Council,
Hackney’s Mayor and our MPs.

Did you know that
because of such representation, Hackney Homes Ltd has just increased
the maximum amount of time Residents were being offered to pay for
Major Works from 2 to 5 years.  Although this is not enough, it is a
good start.

So please take some time to consider us your friendly neighbourhood
action group.  Our door is always open and we are looking for more
active volunteers and subscription paying members in order to ensure
the hard work required is done that is starting to get us the fair
treatment we deserve.

Lionel Fairweather
Forum Chair


Address: Hackney Borough-Wide Leaseholder & Freeholder Forum (HBLFF),
c/o 1 Angrave Court, Scriven Street,
London, E8 4HY.

new website:

Note: Currently (Mon 14th June) there is just the web hoster’s cover page up.


Hackney Homes Leaseholders & Freeholders

Link to the “Leaseholder & Freeholder” page of the

Hackney Homes website:

Link to the latest “Leaseholder & Freeholder NEWS” page of the

Hackney Homes website:


Link to page with 10 downloadable  Handbook “guides”


Head of Leasehold & Right to Buy is

Judith Morrison:

phone: 020 8356 2146



LEASE, The Leasehold Advisory Service, is an Executive Non Departmental Public Body (ENDPB) funded by Government to provide free legal advice to leaseholders, landlords, professional advisers, managers and others on the law affecting residential leasehold and commonhold.LEASE is funded by:
* Communities and Local Government (CLG)
* Ministry of Justice (MoJ)
* Welsh Assembly Government (WAG)
They can provide advice by telephone, by letter or email, or in person at the office; we can arrange seminars and group meetings where large numbers of leaseholders want to discuss a joint issue. They publish a wide range of free advice notes.Leasehold advisers are available for telephone advice from 9:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.
Here is an 18 page booklet from LEASE entitled “Service charges & other issues”that you might find useful 


Service Charges LEASE Guide



The Residential Property Tribunal Service is the public body that can decide many Rent and Leasehold disputes. They provide a fair, unbiased service used by thousands of Landlords, Tenants and Leaseholders every year.

The “RPTS” is the umbrella organisation for the five regional offices called Rent Assessment Panels which provide an independent, fair and accessible tribunal service in England for settling disputes involving private rented and leasehold property through:

Rent Assessment Committees: which determine disputes about fair and market rents

Leasehold Valuation Tribunals: which determine disputes involving leasehold property

Residential Property Tribunals: which determine certain appeals against denial of the Right to Buy


Major works repayment options

For more details and options contact the “Major Works Team” in “Leasehold & Right to Buy Services” on 020 8356 2400 or email: or


Basically you can have up to 3 years to pay bills between £5-10,000 and up to 5 years for bills over £10,000.


you can apply for a loan (“service charge loan”) to pay back over up to 25 years.

(SEE ALSO “Loans for Major Works” article below the report pages)


Click on a page below to bring it up full size

I recommend right click and select “Open in new tab” (or window) – ed.


1. Leaseholders' Repayment Options 090330  -  Cabinet - page 12. Leaseholders' Repayment Options 090330  -  Cabinet - page 23. Leaseholders' Repayment Options 090330  -  Cabinet- page 34. Leaseholders' Repayment Options 090330  -  Cabinet - page 45. Leaseholders' Repayment Options 090330  -  Cabinet - page 56. Leaseholders' Repayment Options 090330  -  Cabinet - page 67. Leaseholders' Repayment Options 090330  -  Cabinet - page 78. Leaseholders' Repayment Options 090330  -  Cabinet - page 89. Leaseholders' Repayment Options 090330  -  Cabinet - page 9




If you are having trouble paying for major works that have been recently completed* or think you will have problems affording proposed works, there is possible help at hand in the form of loans or a hardship charge application.


*You must apply for the loan
within 1 month of receiving the invoice for work.


Hackney homes page with downloadable forms:


or get the same forms here:

Right to a Loan Application Form

…as a MicroSoft Word .doc:


Discretionary Loan Application Form

…as a MicroSoft Word .doc:


Maturity Loan / Charge Application Form

…as a MicroSoft Word .doc:


Hardship Charge Application Form

…as a MicroSoft Word .doc:



Decent Homes schedule

If you want to find out when Decent Homes work is scheduled for your block, the link below will take you to the search page with this or just click on the search box:

Decent Homes search

If you are a leaseholder and want to find out more about what Decent Homes works are happening to your block, call the

Hackney Homes Major Works section on 020 8356 2400.

For any other questions, call the Housing Contact Centre on 020 8356 3691

or email


Article about Leaseholders & the Audit Commission

by Luke Akehurst

(Hackney Labour Party activist since 1988 – firmly on the moderate wing of the party)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

“Hackney Homes gets Audit Commission thumbs up”


The Hackney Homes page for Leaseholders rights & responsibilities

sets everything out pretty well. They do refer to the Reform Act 2002 which sets out the new rights and procedures but with no link to the document itself – so here it is (below) for you to download. I strongly recommend you read the Act as it is written if you have any problems, rather than taking someone else’s interpretaion of it as correct – it may not be!


Here is the 140 page “Commonhold & Leasehold Reform Act 2002” to download as a pdf:

Commonhold & Leasehold Reform Act 2002

more coming soon

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